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Friday, February 12, 2010

Finding Beauty Friday

Finding the Beauty Friday is huge in serendipity for me this week.  I love to include pictures with my posts.  I can't upload pictures because I am in a hotel in Florida and the images won't upload. I am inside because it is 50 degrees and raining.  And that is beautiful.  When we left our home we left 2 feet of snow.  We drove 45 minutes north to the airport and amazingly there was not any snow at Newark Airport.  We flew out on time and boarded a cruise ship for the Bahamas........ahhhh the Bahamas.
We had a beautiful 4 days at sea visiting the Atlantis in Nassau and Freeport.  We met beautiful people from all over the country.  The most interesting part of the cruise were who were seated at our dinner table.  Two of the couples came to the area where the cruise ship left to see the shuttle take off.  It was set to leave the morning before we left but it was cancelled.  The one couple did wake up the following morning at 4am and were able to view take off.  The other couple we found out had seats to view it up close.  When they came to board the ship the husband was so disappointed.......he decided to stay behind and fly to  Freeport to meet the ship.  All worked out and he joined us for dinner and was able to share the excitement of being there for the launch.
We enjoyed ourselves and my husband brought along a bottle of my favorite champagne.........I am doing this in parts because I am having such trouble uploading pictures.....I am going to attempt to tell the next part of our beautiful week, but I have to publish first so the pictures make sense.


Sherrie said...

So glad your enjoying your trip. Rain and 50 degrees would be great since it is 3 degrees above zero here and snow all over the place. Have a great day!

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Celestial Charms said...

What a lovely journey to be on. I love cruises, and can't wait to see your photos. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog via Dipity Road. I am also participating in the Finding Beauty party.

I have never been on a cruise and can only imagine how beautiful they are. I will be back to check your photographs.


claudie said...

OMGOSH... you have the best job Geralyn.
I scanned your shop, beautiful indeed. I also love that your twins are in the Art's. How wonderful.
Your on a cruise? Lucky you. I was looking into the Bahama's also, but it will be spring break when I'm no go. I'm meeting some blogging friends. I'm in Ontario, Canada and I sure know N.J. well more N.Y.
I hope you danced in the rain.
Happy FFB
Love Claudie

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Thanks so much for participatng BUT remember to link back to my friday post so others can read all the participants blogs-- ya know this is about sharing with one another.

I love your love of horses...they are one of my BIGGGGGEST loves... so graceful and sexy even. Race horses are divine.

When I was young my family used to race in the western states for the summer fair times. Was a great memory.

Thanks for participating in FFB! :)

sanjeet said...

. I love cruises, and can't wait to see your photos. Enjoy!

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