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Friday, February 12, 2010

Introducing Uptown Charly Brown

He is the reason we ended up in Florida  this week.  You know by now......I am a dreamer.  My husband is also a dreamer.  About six years ago he started investing in small shares of race horses.  The group he invests with is called Fantasy Stables.  It has always been a dream to own a race horse and this group sells many shares for one horse making it possible for people like us to be horsemen.  Almost like the lottery.......a dollar and a dream.   Anything we have been a part of mostly is at a local racetrack.  This horse caught me by surprise.....partially because I didn't know about him, but the other part is why we are here.
Uptown Charly Brown has been racing at Tampa Downs in Florida.   His first race in December he won by 8 legnths.......his second race in January he won by 6 legnths........we knew they were planning to race him this weekend, but there is  still  nothing about horse racing that is a sure thing.  With that said we decided to come down and my husband booked the cruise in case we ventured down here and the horse didn't make the cut for the race.  After 43 horses being contenders for this stakes race.......we are in!!!!!  We are one of 59 shareholders or you could say owners who have all of their fingers and toes crossed.
When Glen presented  all this horse stuff to me he also educated me on the odds of a race horse even placing in a race in it's lifetime.......we know the odds.......we think we are dreaming.  The Daily Racing Form has our horse in the futures for the Kentucky Derby.  If you are in Las Vegas this weekend or any horsetrack you can bet on this horse to win the Derby......the odds are 50-1.........this is nuts just writing all this.  My husband asked if I blogged about any of this yet and I was unsure he even wanted me to .......he was like I think you should.  I am hoping  all of you  out there to have your fingers crossed for us too.  Can't wait to tell you the results, but as you can see from his history he is a very special horse and I really enjoyed seeing him yesterday and getting this photo.....he is a beauty!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG he is a magnificent! I was raised with horses and we had a standardbred on the track. Best of luck!

Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. The actual post I linked to for finding beauty was this

Jay said...

He certainly is a beautiful creature, and has so much promise! Good luck to you - and the other shareholders! I hope he makes it to the Derby. Wouldn't that be something?

My Crafty Little Page said...

Good luck - well the odds aren't that bad! Happy Valentines Day ;) Nancy

Porch Days said...

He is a beautiful horse! Best of luck to him in his upcoming races. I used to love going to the harness races at the small fairs in Maine.

Jodie LeJeune said...

Wow Geralyn, all of this race horse business sounds so interesting. I wish you and your hubs lots of luck in the quest and I hope it all pays off in the long run. But my biggest wish is that I will see you on TV with your big fancy hat sitting at the Kentucky Derby!!!!! yay!!!!
I can't wait to hear more about your cruise...wasn't Nassau a delight?

post soon~
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Celestial Charms said...

A beautiful horse indeed. You should be like a proud Momma. Best of luck!

Frippery said...

Gorgeous! Fingers and toes crossed here. If he makes it to the derby are you going? HVD and hugs, Pam

sanjeet said...

I hope he makes it to the Derby. Wouldn't that be something?

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canjo said...

What a wonder you must be so proud and I am so happy for you! All the best on Saturday at Tampa!