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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July Weekend

I am so happy to be in the Shoppes at the Arcade ..... it is full of talented people.  There is actually a bakery in the same building with cupcakes!!!!!  I don't know about your towns, but our area was full of bakeries and they have disappeared.......but, luckily some good ones are opening!
This store:Flying Saucers (great name and logo!!!) is celebrating it's third Crust and Crumble made this cake!!!!  The top light blinked on and off and the side was lollypops.....the bottom grass cake was served last night and today they are going to cut the top...vanilla almond and cherry filling.......I mean how creative is this?????  The store is great it is all retro kitchenware.....I have some old green stamp and plaid stamp books on hold...I can't wait to buy some and I am going to use them as little photo books!!!!
This is Kimberly and Jess Moore.  My favorite part of this store endeavor so far is meeting all the talented Artists in the area.  Kimberly is a talented Mixed Media Artist with some of her work is being shown at a store called The Paint Place(?)  right across the street....I have to get over there.  I saw her things in her etsy she is going to teach a class on greeting card making on August 27th....her daughter is a photographer........I have SO much to share......I have guest Artists lined up until the end of the year already......this is so exciting I can't wait to share......but, as usual I have to get all those links together before I can blog about it.  So, this is my weekend and I (and my husband) are having a blast......and my daughter too......she came to paint yesterday!!!!!  Yesterday was First Saturday......there was a band down the street playing Springsteen music last was fantastic!!!!  Walking down Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park hearing Springsteen music......I never new it would be so much fun.......Working on a Dream!


Geralyn Gray said...

I know Know.....knew not new.....typo!!!!

Mizz Bee said...

Hello Mizz Lady Bug, go girl...great post...but you forgot to mention that U 2 R a great artist 2...have a happy 4th...hope its a sparkle of a day from morning 2 nite...and I 2 beelieve in my dreams~ Have a honey of a day.....Grace Peace Joy Love & many blessings 2 U, Marlene aka Mizz Bee

Pam @ Frippery said...

So happy for you Geralyn. I can't tell you how much! Happy Independence Day in more ways than one. Hugs, Pam

tattered and Tender said...

I LOVE your header- toooo cute!
Glad its all going so well Geralyn.
Once this heatwave is over I'll have to come back downtown and give a holler.

What is First Saturday?
I'm so out of the loop its like I live in another state- (or planet!)

Take care,

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog to say Hello! Sorry that it took me so long to find you (I just check the party blog), you have a beautiful blog here, so many yummy things to look at, I am off to see some of your old posting! : )

Kimberly said...

Hi Geralyn,
So glad to swap with you again, I will send your card out right away, please take your time returning one, I know how busy you are.
So neat to see that pic of Kimberly Moore, I met her years ago at the Ocean Grove craft show and she was the first person to point me in the direction of etsy, so say "hi" for me!
Stay cool,
and enJOY,