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Friday, August 20, 2010

Good Week

One of the clocks that Glen is making
     The album in the middle sold an hour after the paint dried.....yes!!!!
Busy week at the store and busier at home.  Glen has made two trips to Philiadelphia and I have made one.  I really had the first week of the kind of business I had expected at the store.  I do beat myself up......did I order the right product????  Should I spend more money on advertising????  Was I crazy to open a business in this economy??????  I spend my days off applying for jobs.....I check my email for any response......that's when I am glad that I have my is still tough to find work.  But, seeing how business is first hand it is easy to understand.  So, what do you do......create!!!!!  Thanks to Kate I had some new projects to create.  Kate was generous with all of those trims and pom poms.  Last week she dropped off some blank photo albums and I got busy.   One I made and didn't even get a picture it sold so quickly.......the next one that sold I said to myself to take a picture right away.  The other items we have had success with are record albums recycled into bowls and clocks.......who knew?????  


Linda said...

I like your creations!! :)

Geralyn Gray said...

Thanks......I walked into the store and there was a couple waiting to come in to buy the beach book....I didn't think it could get any better....and it did!!!!

Sandi said...

Everything looks wonderful. In my dream world I would fly out just for a day of shopping.