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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

See you in September

    I made a bunch of these to hang from the ceiling of the store.   I had to make some owls. too.  I have pictures to share later.  We were able to visit Kaylyn and Ian in Philadelphia yesterday.  Glen and I even snuck in a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo.  This week should be slow at the store.  They are putting in new sidewalks on Cookman Avenue.  I have spent the last few days collecting supplies for all the things I am going to make while it is slow.  Every week I make about twenty greeting cards.  This week I am going to make Halloween decorations.  I am enjoying all of the new premiere tv shows this week......Glee.....Dancing with Stars......The Apprentice.  Well, off to the store.....I still am keeping up with my favorite blogs....but, rarely connection at the store doesn't allow it.  

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Celestial Charms said...

Geralyn, these leaves will probably looks lovely hanging in your shop. You must take a picture when you finish and put it here on the blog. I would love to see it!