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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Perfume Ad Flowers

Perfume Ad Flowers
I just realized I am an official upcycler. My crafts all my life have mostly
involved making something from something I already have on hand. I saw this
on NBC today and was so excited to share. I didn't really start buying art supplies
until I studied Art in college and ever since I felt I had to make a trip to the local
store to get supplies to make my latest creation. But, now that we are upcycling records and I
make cards from old postcard graphics...I realize how good it feels. I don't think
I qualify as a hoarder but I save everything that evokes memories or I just think
is pretty. It brings back memories.......we lived on the same block as a printer. I
used to go on a sunny afternoon to see what paper they were throwing away......if
it was that shiny paper that magic markers just flowed on and dried quickly I did
a happy dance and ran all the way home to get started on my latest drawing and yes,
sometimes it was a card for my Mom and Dad.

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