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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Etsy Success Symposium

Yesterday Glen and I took the train and attended the Etsy Success Symposuim and all expectations were met and then some. My favorite speaker was Noah Scalin who spoke on Generating Creative Energy. He has a great blog which I will put on my sidebar soon. You have to check it out. We saw slides of how he made a different skull everyday for a year and documented it. His blog is now full of everyone continuing on with that inspiration. The blog is called makesomething365.......our excercise above was to think of a shape and make ten different shapes using different Mine was the record and my neighbor was Andrea Cammarata who chose hearts as her shape. Together we put it together to pledge our love for rock n roll. It was a pleasure sharing the Symposium with Andrea because she is a living breathing SUCCESS on Etsy.
All the speakers were professional and inspirational,the keynote speaker was Nancy Soriano who put together the event with Jo Packham: The Creative Connection. And her page in the workbook proposed my favorite question......."What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?".
Etsy was excited to show off their new is located near the Brooklyn Bridge. The room we were in had a photobooth and we were all invited to get our picture taken.
And this is what went home with.........the designer of the bag (black with pink) was in attendence. If you couldn't attend please use the sidebar for videos of the event.....I will be viewing all the videos this week. And, I didn't cover everything so I will probably be posting again about this wonderful event.

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