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Friday, May 20, 2011


I love I have my own......they go on our bags and I finally got the perfect boxes to hold our clocks. I am always trying to keep the costs white plain PIZZA boxes with a label works perfectly!!!!!
This is the freebie Smash book I was given at the KandCompany booth. I couldn't wait to fill it up. These are my business cards. I did forget to grab some for the Stationery show, but I had invoices printed up and handy so I gave those to vendors when I wrote orders.
I also got a rubber stamp made and can use a red or black ink pad......this was fun to use to get autographs of bands and I am going to use the Deja Vu Scrapbook with David Crosby's autograph to keep a scrapbook for the store.
I LOVE my sign........People take pictures everyday!!!!!! Diane did an excellent job because she had the dimensions needed and fit the logo in perfectly..........there is NO way I could have done that and she did it quickly and with ease!
The toppers I made for all four fixtures by enlarging the logo and printing on sticker paper.
Branding is a part of business I thought I would be good at. My favorite part of being in business is being creative. When I signed up to be at our new location the first thing I was asked for was a logo. Fun.......I thought. Well.......I could imagine it.....just couldn't execute it. I love my mac...but I still am learning how to use Word on it. So, I remember someone I met when I worked Paper Source. I featured her cruise inspired invitations on my blog. We became friends on facebook and even though she lives in Reading Pennsylvania......we were able to work together. I told her what I had in mind and she had three examples to pick from in no time. I loved all three designs but, the one I picked was very simple and to the point. Thank you are a life saver and made that stressful time so much easier!!!! You can see more of Diane Zerr's work at her website: Faye and Co. of the best things to learn in business is to delegate. When I went to the Etsy Success Symposium the best advice I heard was.....if you want good photographs......hire a professional. Ugh.......that costs money. But, in order for you to be successful sometimes you just have to realize you can't do it all and so you just have to ask for help!!!!


Janet said...

Love the stickers, love the logo, but I really love the pizza box idea!

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Very, very cohesive statement!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

Everything is looking great!

zandra said...

Love the stickers, too. I have a blog award waiting for you. ;o)
Hugz, Z