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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SMASH Book from K&Company

Ok I have not been this excited about something new in a while.........and I am not buying anymore scrapbooking supplies............right????? Well, this is more of what I do to save memories......Kaylyn leaves for Liverpool and I can imagine her using this for her trip. My favorite thing to do after a trip is on the plane flight home start gathering maps, postcards, itineraries......I cut it before I get on the plane (that pesky no scissors rule) and I start gluing together my memories of the trip.........This is PERFECT for that and so many things!!!! They had a great booth, great customer service, and they took a picture with a polaroid camera to start filling up the little smash book they gave you! We also were given T-shirts for finding a clue in the giant collage they made which was great for picture taking.

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Barbara said...

OMG! That Smash book is stunning! What a terrific idea and it looks soooo easy to make and put together cause they give you everything you need.

Hugs XX