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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blog Linky Party

This was my favorite blog spot......I just got the chair for Christmas and this was in the store we were in until the end of May. I have to find a new spot at my new store. It is much smaller and busier so it is harder to do a blog post there. So, when I get a chance I post from home and I am usually on the couch with my laptop.......and today I am blogging and watching my favorite show.....the office. So, if you would like to join in on this blog on this
Ok.........why do I love to blog. Once I started I have not stopped. I think 10 days is the longest time I have taken between posts. I don't know if I am addicted or I just plain enjoy blogging. I love to share what's new, what's happening, what I am thinking about or like my last post.....what I am feeling. It is a great release and I love that I have my life for the last few years documented. I also love comments.......I love hearing the readers reactions. Then I love to catch up with my readers by checking out their blogs and seeing what is new with them. It is like an interactive magazine. By going to other blogs I may find a new recipe, a beautiful garden, a distant travel destination, a decorating project, a new crafting tool. blog spot changes all the time since I have a laptop. But, I love to blog while watching tv or if I have a quiet time at the store I will blog there. I hope you join in on the fun and leave a comment so I can visit you and see where your favorite blog spot is.

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Nancy said...

I am addicted to blogging, I think. Since I only have a desktop, I have to write at my computer in my sewing/office and craft room. Since my blog is mainly about quilting that does seem appropriate, doesn't it? I love visiting other blogs too and learn so much from others.
Realized today that I wrote my 200th post yesterday so must celebrate in some way - I believe a giveaway is in order.