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Thursday, June 23, 2011


So sad today to hear the news of Glen Campbell......but, so impressed at the same time how he will do a final farewell tour......God Bless Him.
Everyday people still say they are having a sad day after the loss of Clarence Clemons and they actually come to Asbury Park to get through the feeling. I walk by the Memorials and think it's sad also. I can't believe the Governor actually declared yesterday a day of mourning and flew the flags at half mast. Lately having the store brings up a lot of great memories of living in the area and being part of something great. I show old Thomas Edison record cylinders that started it all. I am always so proud to say it is the industry of record making was a strong part of New Jersey's history. Then today the news of Glen hit me like a ton of bricks......I quickly looked for an old 45 to play. Oh my gosh memories of my dad came flooding in. He played records EVERY DAY for as long as I can remember......Frank Sinatra...Glen Miller.......Wayne Newton.....and he loved Glen Campbell. My dad passed away from Alzhiemers and to think Glen Campbell will perform a farewell tour is just remarkable to me. I am not used to being able to work and wallow at the same time.......I always liked worked for the distraction. But, as I get older I am glad I get to feels right. I am glad that Glen Campbell is going to be a person I can truly admire.....someone who has lived his life making a living at something he loves to do AND be able to say goodbye and thank you to his fans. I know Clarence is up there somewhere full of could see it with his attitude on stage. Well, I have to get back to's a rainy and dreary day here.

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