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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Blood Sweat & Tears - You Make Me So Very Happy bands with a horn section.........Thank you Baby!!!!! Andrea Valentini who has played the drums for Blood Sweat and Tears came into the store yesterday. He wanted to have a clock made from a Blood Sweat and Tears record...No problem my husband said. So, we both went into a frenzy to find a record. I was at home looking through the garage and luckily Glen found one at the store. He called to see where we should have him autograph it when he came to pick up the clock. When Glen looked at the record sleeve of The Greatest Hits Album he found.......he couldn't believe there was actually a picture of Bruce Springsteen and the Greetings from Asbury Park Album.......The graphics were like an old newspaper we had him sign it there!!!!! It was who Blood Sweat and Tears felt were inspiring at the time....I thought that was awesome. I just left their website......they may not be touring in Asbury Park, but I thought it was nice that he spent some time is so good to see bands like this touring after 40 years..........Songs like this bring back so many happy about the song.......Spinning Wheel how do like that song. Oh and that brings up something else awesome that happened this week. I was emailed 2 free tickets to see Elvis Costello at the Borgata in Atlantic City.....talked to my neighbor at the store.....Shelter Home....Terry and she said she had tickets to see him Tuesday at Count Basie in Red Bank. We also talked about trying to get Adele tickets for October at the Borgata. She came into the store on Friday......bad news........Adele concert was sold out......I was going to the box office when I was going to Elvis concert.......5 minutes later....more bad news......Elvis Costello cancelled the show for the Friday show.......I was disappointed.....well guess what????? When Terry went to the show on Tuesday with her boyfriend they were pulled to the stage and spun the giant wheel of songs and got to dance to the song Oliver's Army...I am going to include that video too....just thought of it will go on the post above this. this happy for them!!!!

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