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Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Together

This concert took place a little over a week was in the Paramount Theatre.....the dressing rooms are above our store and the theatre is behind the store. The promoter of the event was very kind to us and gave us the opportunity to attend the meet and we were able to get some of our records signed. The concert was excellent......the music was from the sixties and brought back so many memories.
It was The Turtles, Mark Lindsay from Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Grass Roots, the Buckinghams and The Association. They all sounded awesome.
I am reading The Happiness Project. I am almost done......I am up to November.....I will include a link to her blog after I finish the book. This summer is better then I could have husband and I make the hours work......lately he'll open and work 6 hours and I'll close and work 6 hours and when the kids fill in we will have a dinner on the boardwalk. We survived the heat wave...and........I think we will be half way through the store being open every day. I am looking forward to the downward was not so bad....the store really is fun!!!!


Barbara said...

Wow Geralyn you really scored didn't you? I'm so happy that your store is doing so well! Yippee! Skippie!

Hugs XX

Nancy said...

I still really need to get there to visit. It is on my list!