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Monday, August 15, 2011

Growing Collection of Autographs

Well the big weekend is over......Bob Dylan and Leon Russell played in Convention Hall last night. We were able to get a signed album cover from Leon Russell and Bob Dylan's road crew said they never even see Bob Dylan and you will never be able to get to him......they were right. I pulled my chair to the outside of the store and listened to the show.....the only song I recognized was Rolling Stone.
You never know who you might be swimming next to in Asbury Park. Glen met Felipe Rose from Village People on Saturday and was able to get him to sign one of Village People's albums. He lives in Asbury Park and signed it your neighbor and gotta love him!!!!
One of the Jukes walked by the store on Sunday on his way to the Dylan show and I flagged him in to sign our Jukes album.......he signed it Rock On!!!!
On Sunday I got to see my nephew......he is the biggest rock star in my life......he is now 2 and it was the biggest thrill to see him roar like a lion. It was an exhausting, the next big show in Asbury Park..........Whitesnake!!!!! Off to you tube to see if there are any recent pictures.

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