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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Beatles When I'm 64

This blog post goes out to my husband and inspired by everything he said to me last night. I am getting ready to design some brand new cards. I am so inspired by music. I am inspired by my husband. I am inspired by my children........who.......honestly have made me try to be the best that I can be. I have set up a room that I can't wait to get into and get to work (have to share pictures soon!) But, honestly the most inspiration since I've had since we opened the store is our customers. I LOVE our customers!!!!!! One of the things Glen and I both noticed after we opened the store was how you could start counting how many customers each day walked into the door and said "Hey, this is really cool.......what a great idea........who makes all this? .......I think what you do is really great". I go to bed every night and fall asleep instantly and when I open my eyes in the morning I can't wait to face the day. This weekend I had returning customers.....I had customers from London who I hope to stay in contact with......and I had a customer named Dawn. Dawn chatted with me as I put her items in her bag and she asked "Are you going to the show tonight?"........That was a tough ticket to get your hands on........I replied regretfully no.....but, the thought had crossed my mind to stay and listen through the wall. She came back and said she had her husband's ticket if I wanted it. I turned to Glen and thought.......there is no way........and he said......"She's going". I was thrilled and thankful. Dawn and I have been texting and emailing back and forth. She will be lucky enough to see Bruce in Barcelona. I just wanted to share how thankful I am for our store.....A dream come true!!!!! But, a store without customers would be like "an ice cream truck on a deserted street". (my favorite line of Waiting for a Sunny Day by Bruce Springsteen. Greetings from Geralyn customers YOU ROCK!!!!!!! I thank you from the bottom of my make my heart full along with my supportive family and friends!!!!!

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