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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jersey Girls Rock: Art Joy Stuff Atc Swap

To think when I first started blogging I only knew Zandra to share in our love of papercrafting. And now, this February I participated in two swaps and both the hostesses are from New Jersey! The hostess in my first featured swap is Kimberly from Art Joy Stuff. Out of the five cards I knew which one was hers before I even turned it around. I LOVE her style and I had bought a banner and ornaments from her a couple of years ago. She is very talented and owns a couple of Etsy Shops selling vintage supplies and her lovely works of art. She also was hosting an Atc card swap every Tuesday......oh, ATC stands for Artist Trading Cards....they are little works of art made the size of a playing card. Many artists actually use playing cards for their base. They are never sold and always meant to trade. This will fill up my Atc holder which I will show when I finally reveal my craft room.
Look how pretty they are packaged!
This is our hostess Kimberly and her blog is: Art Joy Stuff. You can get to any of these blogs by clicking on the name of the blog.
Erica Hofstetter from ZunkyChic made this lovely card.
This card was made my Sylvia and I wish I had a link.....Sylvia is from Iowa
A lovely card made by Dorthe Hansen and her blog is denlillelade
And this last but, not least was stamped with a beautiful stamp on the back by Marlene.


Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Geralyn,
So glad that you joined my Valentine Swap, all of the ATCs were amazing, what a group of talented gals, you included!
enJOY a lovely week,

Erica said...

What a fun swap!! Your cards look beautiful, I think we received from mostly the same people. Happy Valentine's Day!

zandra said...

Beautiful swap! Just your style.
Hugz, Z

Dorthe said...

Hi Geralyn ,so fun to see my ATC on your blog ,together with the other wonderful ones.It is a great way, meeting new bloggers, participating in swaps.
Thankyou for writing me and have a wonderful day.

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Hi Geralyn, love your ATC..I've posted it on my blog and became a follower. Have a great week.

Marlene said...

Hi Geralyn, thank you so much for being in this swap with me. This was so much fun and I'm loving all the beautiful works of art.

Cheryl said...

I just LOVE Kimberly! I buy from her as well!! She is such a talented artist person and I am proud to own some of her work. I really REALLLYYYYY wanted to participate in this swap, but I just didn't have time... Seeing these and the ones from her blog makes me with I did!! What fun you gals had!! Yes NJ GIRLS ROCK!! heeheee!!!
Happy Valentines day!!