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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Goals that are not written down are just wishes. " ~ Unknown

I have written about the importance of branding and location ,so far, when you start a business.  My prizes for the giveaway in my last post will be helpful in another lesson learned when starting a business......goal setting.  I set goals daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.  This helps me focus.  Just by keeping a blog, I can see what I have accomplished visually.  If I did not write it this age, and maybe any age,  I wouldn't remember.  It is a validation.  It is recorded.  It is a reference.  It is one of the most important things I do.  I had a lot of goals for this year.  Last year we had a new location for our business, two kids in their junior year of college, and moved.   This year we wanted to focus on our finances and business.  We got through income tax time.....phew and then set our business up as a Limited Liability Company.  This came with some amount of paper work and many loose ends.  I think I can safely say that goal has been completed.  Glen and I try to do everything ourselves which can be a curse or a blessing depending.   Paper work and banking can be  challenging, but I think if you do the accounting yourselves you have more control.
My weight loss goal and house cleaning goals have been put on hold for summer also.  We are more then half way through the summer.  So, those first two days off I have the store closed in September my to do list will be full.  This August is a milestone for us.  The twins turn twenty-one.  Glen and I will have been married thirty years.  It's time to celebrate and let our blessings soak in.  So, no parties at the house.  No running around cleaning to make sure everything is perfect......we will have to put up with the piles of paperwork and dust for a month before I have the energy to get it all done.
So, what I am going to leave you with today is........Did you watch the show the Monkees when you were the time would you have done anything to meet them?  Would you feel like the odds were with you to have Mickey Dolenz look up at you and say......."Well......HI!!!!!" as he signed an album for you.   Did you wish really hard when you were young?  I did........I wished on stars.....I wished at every wishing well or fountain.......I wished when I picked up a penny heads up on the street....I wished on my knees at church.......I wished when I looked out at the ocean.......I wished when I watched the fireworks at Disney......I wish when I look up at fireworks on the beach.....I wish when I see a beautiful sunset.   When I was about seventeen I gave up on my wishes.....I started thinking differently......I started thinking realistically......I was growing up....I was lowering my expectations.  I was changing how I anticipated things and most of all I was hardening, so I would never be hurt by not  living up to what was expected from me.
I am on a journey of self discovery.  I am so glad I get to write it down.  I am so glad I blog about it, so I share it with others.  So, my advice to you is to make those wishes come true........write it down!!!!!!


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Linda said...

I love your suggestions - especially about writing it down. It's what has kept me going on blogging because for the reasons you mentioned - I never know what I'll remember or not and I really want a full recording of my life and my blog and the newspaper column serves that purpose, if nothing else.

Hope you've had a great summer,