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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jersey Girls Rock: Michal Sparks

 Life is a Celebration.....Michal Sparks: Author and Artist.  Michal Sparks wrote about a sale on her farm on facebook about an hour ago.  I quickly took pictures to do a blog post and spread the word.  You should be surprised that I knew where this book was......I was.  I have had a little time to sit back and read things I have bought some ten years ago.  For six months in the year 2000 I helped Michal and Gifford folding and getting their newsletters ready for mailing and preparing media for the mail.  It's another instance of dreams coming true.  I used to visit my sister in Matawan.  I took Rt.34 to get there and back.  When I was by myself I wondered or sometimes if Glen was
in the car I wondered out loud.  I wonder who lives in that house with the barn with the large flag hanging outside.....this went on for years.  Then, long story short I was working as a sales representative and I met Gifford when I was writing up orders at a store.  It was a store on Rt. 34 in Colts Neck.  When he told me where he lived my mouth dropped.  Time went sister lost her husband and moved from that house.....I lost that job.   So, one day I opened Victoria magazine and Michal Sparks calling card was featured.....hmm it had contact information.  I bought a Susan Branch greeting card and sent it to Michal to congratulate her and give her my contact info.
I also told them I had just lost my job and was available to help them out if they needed any help.  They contacted me and for the next six months I was able to see an Artist at work and how a husband represented Michal and other Artists.  They also cared for the their two toddlers.  During that time Michal was designing wallpaper and writing and illustrating this book.  What a thrill and inspiration to be able to observe all this!!! A few months later I was hired by Boscov's at Monmouth Mall and my life became a very busy whirlwind.  I did pick up this book at Barnes and Noble, but sad to say never really had the time to look at it.
When I was getting ready for the Where Women Create post I pulled it from my bookshelf and brought it upstairs.  A couple of weeks ago the house was quiet and I not only flipped through it ......I was able to read the whole thing!   I was able to read the story of the eyes actually welled.   I really thought how lucky I am.  I see things.....wonder about them.....and then I get to meet the actual people I wonder about.  Today on my facebook the news of the sale of the farm saddened me.....but, I know this lifestyle must have been a joy but also come with some hardships.  Part of my wondering was do they do it all?  They did it all very well and I only wish the best for them.  Their children had a wonderful place to grow up.  So I hope you visit Michal's blog and if you live in the area......I am sure her sale will be a good one!!!!!  And I will leave you a quote from the back of her book:  "Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities.  Seize common occasions and make them great!" by O.S. Marden


black eyed susans kitchen said...

What a wonderful post Geralyn...I am off to read Michaels blog post.
♥, Susan

Michal Sparks said...

I could barely finish reading your post! Thank you so much for that! You have no idea how special that was for me to read. Who knows what is ahead for us, it is all about leaning into the curves in the road and not tensing up! The kids are now 14 and 16 and have other interests from the farm, as they should, and Giff and I would like to get the dirt out of our fingernails and maybe get sand in our toes instead! Anyway, thanks again for your post and promo! Hope you can stop by!

Pam @ Frippery said...

Beautiful post Geralyn. I am off to check out the blog.