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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let it Be

 I have been working very hard lately trying to get these binders ready in time for back to school.  This is a view of the display looking out of the store.
This is the display looking into the store.  I love merchandising and building displays.

The store is so small it can be my biggest frustration.......and it can be a blessing.  I imagined making  a banner to go above the product.  Since I am in a resort area.....I did not want it to scream BACK TO SCHOOL.....but, I did want it to say something.  So, this morning I found these  great printables!  I was so excited...I would use my red, white and blue twine.  I made the banners.....and they are.....well.....not what I expected.   So, I have already spent much too much time on this.  Making the product....pricing it.....displaying it....I will just have to Let it Be.   The lessons I have been learning in life lately seem to be sometimes you just have to Let it be.  Glen and I celebrated our 30th Anniversary on Tuesday.  We were able to celebrate in Atlantic City....we closed the store a little early.   We left a sign and rushed back so we could open at a reasonable time on Wednesday.  I came into the store to close at 6 pm.  My first customer said......"I was here yesterday and saw your sign"....."uh-oh" I thought.  She said "Happy Anniversary"  I said Thank you and was very apologetic for not being here and really appreciated that she came back.  She bought a Let it Be bag......when I could hear the music playing in Convention Hall .......Let it Be was playing...I went to look for her, because I thought that was so cool.  I just thought to it is again another affirmation......everything is alright.  This is a business, but sometimes you just have to put yourselves first.

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