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Monday, September 10, 2012

11 years........

    It has been 11 years.....I am quietly sharing pictures of the experience of the 9/11 memorial we visited in June.  After 11 years all the feelings of what happened are as strong as ever.  I am not an elected representative of this beautiful country of ours.  I am an American......I am an American girl with a dream.  My dream is to declare 9/11 a day to remember.....a day to remember in silence.  I would love to see a day where America comes to a stand still.  No cars on the work to attend  (unless you work in emergency health care, police or fire emergency).   All of the money saved by not using utilities could be donated to the fund to aid the Memorial.  All the money saved by not paying employees could also be put into this fund, instead of a paid holiday for employees.  And, any worker could donate what they would make by working that day into the fund, also.  I love our country....sometimes I think our lives are so busy......we need a day.....just one day....wouldn't if be nice if  we could lose all of our responsibilities for one day a year and reflect???


Linda said...

We too visited the 9/11 Memorial in June and it was one of the most moving experiences of my life.

Honestly, my daughters, husband and I couldn't quite understand people posing and smiling at the memorial. None of us chose to do that. Instead, we mostly walked in silence, in tears, remembering. I did snap photos but not of us posing.

As for the day of September 11th, I think it's as of all days of great loss - personal to each person. For me - it always happens to be the Birthday of a couple of people dear to me, so it can't be simply a day of mourning.

Also, I tend to view mourning differently - that life still moves on even though we remember, so I'll be going out to lunch with a friend tomorrow, in the midst of my usual work day.

Thanks for sharing. <3

Geralyn Gray said...

same thing here Linda.....not one posed picture...that was natural for us too! I have to say that would be what got us through that time......the next day we had to wake up and be strong and go on with our daily lives.....but, most of all I will remember how that day included a ton of pride and flags!!!!!!