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Friday, September 21, 2012

IMG_0759.MOV/Tenth Avenue Freezeout Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band ...

This is my first time making a you tube video....this is also the first time in the pit.....beginners luck in the lottery.  We were the first 200 hundred let into the stadium and were treated to a serenade by Bruce of Growin' Up and I Came for You.  Vini Lopez the original drummer for Springsteen is also in this video.  This is beautiful tribute to the Big Man, Clarence Clemons.   Who is dearly missed on stage.  This was the most perfect night shared with friends, we attended the 1985 Born in the USA show together, too.  So glad I am friends with girls who are not near in location, but near in spirit and we can still enjoy good times together.  The temperature all day was absolutely beautiful and before and while the band came on stage the song "Summer Wind" sung by Frank Sinatra was played.  It was a completely joyful experience shared with people who joined us from all over the world to hear and "put their hands together, their arms together, their asses together for the houserocking, pants dropping, brain-shocking, earthquaking, booty-shaking, viagra taking, lovemaking, sexifying, electrifying, women shrieking, grown men crying, legendary E STREET BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Bruce Springsteen, Vini Lopez, and the E Street Band......You literally rocked the house last night.  People came into the store today and said during Rosilita the whole stadium was Shaking!!!

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