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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Fans of Bruce Springsteen

 This lucky young girl danced with Bruce on Friday night.  He twirled her around and around.  I first met the family when they were here in January for the Light of Day concert in the Paramount Theatre.  So, fun to see her again and share the excitement from watching the video.
                  The two gentlemen on the outside are from the Netherlands and the couple on the inside were from Italy.  The one's from the Netherlands I stood next to on Wednesday night......That's right 55,000 people filled up MetLife stadium and we saw each other again!  They came to see me yesterday and the day before.  They were still smiling and had a great story to tell me.....but, to guard someone's privacy I can not share.......all I can say if you are not a believer.....change your ways......BELIEVE!!!!!!!!
These three lovlies are ultimate fans.  Barb is local and Deb in the front is from Florida.  Deb and I have met a couple of times and we talk on facebook.  Christina in the red is from Denmark and she stood behind us.  She has seen Bruce and the E Street band 19 times on this Wrecking Ball Tour.

This is us.....Laura, myself and Susan.  We went to Bloomsburg University together.  We also went to the Meadowlands for the Born in the USA tour back in 1985 together.   We tried our hands at the lottery........we were the second group of 100 to enter the stadium for the first show at Met Life stadium.  I still find myself laughing out loud at the reaction of us when we walked in.  Bruce was shaking hands and then went up on stage and sang Growing Up and I Came For You for the 200 fans that were lucky enough to be in so far.
This is a picture I found from an old Rolling Stone magazine from the mid 80's.   Has anything changed since 1985???....................that is what is much has changed but, yet when you share a love of music nothing has changed.  I can say I actually feel better then I did the last ten years seeing a show.  I would always have to work the day of a concert....rush to find  parking .........rush to my seat....plop myself in a seat and think "oh God can I really stand for all of this....maybe the people in front of me won't stand and I can sit (yeah right).  I am so thankful to have tried the lottery this time....starting at 2:30 pm to wait on the first line and then leaving the show after midnight was exhilarating......I would do it all over again.   Thank you to my customers who gave me the faith to know if you want something......ask questions.....listen to advice and  know......BELIEVE that something that you always thought was unattainable could be yours!!!!!   

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Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Oh my gosh you lucky duck!
To be that close to Bruce would be a dream come true!

We have not missed seeing Bruce each time he comes to michigan since 1985.
Born in the USA was our first date and we have gone to every one of his michigan concerts ever since!
Hubby has been a huge fan since he was a teen!

So excited for you,