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Monday, November 19, 2012

Sandy update after 3 weeks

Last week became a became a big challenge.  Waited to hear the news of what the inspecter's found when they went through Convention Hall.  They found every store had water damage which means the walls have to come out and be replaced.  We had to clear the store of everything so the workers could get in and out and not worry about the doors being locked etc.  There were so many obstacles it seemed like.  But, we were told the huge Christmas tree was coming and it will be moved into the Hall today.  The boardwalk is still unsafe and will hopefully be opened by summer.  With that said many of the restaurants have entrances from the street.  So, I know McCloones is shooting to open in a couple of weeks.  The Stone Pony, Wonder Bar and Berkley Cartaret are all open and back to business.  We get to have a shop set up inside the Arcade while our stores are being worked on.  Totally grateful for this opportunity.  With that said I plan on getting caught up with my paper work, making inventory, holiday preparations and visiting with family.  Most of our inventory was saved before Sandy hit, so we have plenty of Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes CD's and our normal inventory as shown in our Etsy shop.  Special orders will be more of a challenge during this transition, but we are up to the challenge!  Please join us this weekend for the tree lighting.  It is a wonderful way to celebrate the spirit of rebuilding the shore!!!!

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