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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Story of My Greeting Cards

I can't believe it has been four years since I started this blog.  I can't believe back when I started this blog I would ever have a store named from my blog.  I really would not believe that I have probably made over 1,000 greeting cards, that I have handwritten my blog address on the back of each one!
 I really appreciate when a customer says she is going to frame them....but, I still can't believe it.
 I can't believe  I had this much inventory all at one time.  I can't keep up any more.  Even with the store being closed more days, I can not seem to keep up.  I did spend a lot of time when we did not have electricity glittering up some cards.
 I love that I am using postcards my father collected.  I love that I make the water glisten and the landscape hasn't really changed in seventy years.
 I like making my cards contemporary....this one comes Snookie.   I love to hear the reaction from my customers.  If they are laughing really hard it is usually after they read this card.
 What else can I say?  Jersey Girls Rock!!!!
Most of all, I love that I make each card come alive with stickles from Ranger a product made not only in the USA but, made in the same county in the state of New Jersey!   Each time I make a card with images like this or the old Greetings from Asbury Park glisten it makes me so proud.  Proud of the spirit of so many people who have achieved breathing new life into the city of Asbury Park.  My line after Sandy was:  Sandy, you brought on your wrecking ball but now, watch out for the RISING!!!!!  When I first walked into Convention Hall a few days after the storm the floor still was covered with sand.  It was so cold, quiet, smelly, and dull.  I was overcome with grief and loss.  But, after this weekend to see all of the people involved with the boardwalk and town come together and make a tree lighting happen.  I am in awe.  I love this building more then ever.  I still love making all my cards and make them glisten.  Wishing I could keep up, but really that is the least of my problems!

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