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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The story of my scrapbooks

  The Bruce one in front was the first one I ever sold.  I love to make the scrapbooks and love it even more if I get to personalize them with pictures or ideas from a customer.  This year it is a little easier to do this because of the store only being opened on weekends.  One scrapbook I am working on I can't wait to share.  Well, actually two......but, they are Christmas gifts so I can't wreck the surprise.  One...I am taking pictures off his website.....and it is so exciting.  He has played with some of the greats and I feel so lucky to be making this for him.  He gave me his guitar pick too.  So, I am making stickers with the images of his guitar pick.  I am a little frustrated because I ordered a new machine and a lot of spirals before the storm and the package was lost.  The company will resend it but, for me to really push any custom orders it's impossible.
Ironic how I had a store full of scrapbook paper in the beginning when I was on Cookman Avenue and it took so long to think of making scrapbooks.  But, it made so much sense when I started making them.  When I look at all of these above I remember a lot of the customers that bought them and their stories.  I tell them to bring  one with their memories and pictures back to the store, so I can see it finished.
The Deja Vu record cover was my most favorite to make into a scrapbook.  It was by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.  When we moved to the boardwalk, Crosby and Nash were playing at the Paramount.  I still can't get over Graham Nash and how kind, sweet and inquisitive he was.  I never thought to get his autograph while he was in the store. After he left it gave me some time to think.  So, I had one of the scrapbooks out on display and David Crosby walked right to it.  I was so afraid he would be mad that I destroyed a record cover(they are considered sacred to some).  But, he loved the idea.  Not only did he sign one, he stayed and chatted for awhile.  Later I found out he does not sign for anyone at, I am still amazed.  I spend a lot of time now reading about album covers and as an art, I find it fascinating.  Love to share the tidbits I learn along the way with my customers.  So, again since my store has been closed so much I miss that interaction.  But, with my blog I get to talk to you the reader.  I just don't know who is actually reading this, because no one is commenting lately.  I love feedback and comments.....don't be shy...let me know what you are thinking.

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