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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Scrapbooking for Rob Stoner

 I get so star struck when I meet any musician.  I met Rob Stoner this summer and he loved the scrapbooks made from album covers.  As he left the store the person he was with and I conspired to make him a scrapbook for Christmas.
Oh my gosh, when I went to his website he has played with some legends.  He played on the Bob Dylan Album Desire.

Here he is with my favorite Jersey Boys.....Southside's picture is the small one on top and the bottom picture is Miami Steve!

 Honestly, he is with all my favorites......Above he is with Roy Orbison.  And, he played with Don McClean on American Pie.......oh my favorite sing at the top of my lungs sing along song!!!!
 Here he is with Leon Helm from the Band.....another one my favorites and such a sad loss this year.
This is how the back of the album is just perfect for a scrapbook.  I hope he liked it.  I loved making it!

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Cara said...

Awesome! Hope you are ok after the hurricane. Happy New Year!!