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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Story of Our Boxes

 This one is was featured on Asbury Park Boardwalk's facebook page and got a lot of likes.......we like it too!!!!  Email us if you are interested....the button is a postcard on the right!
 This box is featured on this article called Art as Gifts in the Monmouth County Arts blog.  And it was featured with me on NBC News when they came to do a feature on the tree lighting.
 This one sold so fast.....I don't even remember it.  That happens a lot!
 These I make and the others are made by Glen.  I try to make a few for each weekend.  The top one is my favorite and is a new and seasonal design featuring snowflakes in the window.
These are perfect for display.  I love to hear what customers use them for.  So, far this is what I have heard:  shells from trips to Asbury Park beaches, keys, beach badges, photos, love letters, postcards, important stuff, salt water taffy......what would you use your keepsake box for??

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