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Saturday, December 15, 2012

I believe.....

 I believe in miracles.  I believe in dreams.  I believe in the power of good.  I believe in faith.  I believe in people.  I believe in the United States of America.  I believe in Music.  I believe in Santa.  I believe you might not care what I believe after all that dribble.......but, maybe you do.  So, I will continue.....When I was little about 7 or 8 is when I first heard the music of The Young Rascals,  it would be on my father's transistor radio or on the radio in the car.  At that time my dad had a convertible and he would often take us for rides with the music up and the top down.  When I would sing these songs I would be  swinging on a swing or walking to school or skipping to go get a candy bar downtown.   It was feel good music.  A lot happened personally to my family and to our country that made all that music stop for awhile....well maybe not stop....but, life just got heavy.  Partly because I was growing up and because awful things were happening in this country.  The feel of the country was moving more towards anger and hatred.
 What my children experienced at the age of 10 was even worse.  The love of music never changed for me.  It was always there.  Especially when I needed it.  It could bring me up when I was sad or just be there when I needed a distraction.
Life became real and reality was sometimes hard to face.  Last night we got to experience Once Upon a Dream....the 2nd night the Rascals have performed together in 40 years!  It was more then a concert for me.  Well, yeah especially because we got to meet them AND Steven Van Zandt.  It was a healing.  It was soulful.  It brought all those warm and fuzzy feelings of childhood.  Brought them deep inside of me and left them there.  It's giving me a reason to believe again.  Yesterday's headlines were horrible......worse then the 60's.  Last night didn't erase those just made you's ok...everything will be alright.  That's what life is all about and last night I really felt like the child again with high hopes of a bright and shiny future.  Thank you Steven Van Zandt and all of the Rascals for giving me a reason to believe!!!!!

Love, your magic is everywhere
Sweet vibrations just fill the air, mm yeah.

Bright star that’s shinin’ in your diamond eyes
Lights up my each and every day
When one heart finds another on the road of life
Time stops and joy takes you away.

Love, your magic is everywhere
Peace vibrations are always there.

The warm sunshine reminds me of your gentle touch
I see your smile in every hill, every tree
The secret garden of my heart belongs to you alone
Like a flower was meant for the bee.

(I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe) oh child
(I believe, I believe, I believe, I believe) oh.

In each beat of my heart I can hear your name
I feel love with every breathe that I take
With your love I’ve become awake
In a wondrous and a beautiful place.

It’s love, your magic is everywhere
Those sweet vibrations just fill the air.

When I see a flower or a tree
I can see your smiling face in every thing that I see
In the mountain, in the stream.

It’s love, your magic is everywhere
Those sweet vibrations just fill the air.

Words to the song I Believe written and performed by the Young Rascals in 1966

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Cheryl said...

I'm so so so jealous of you with the Rascals!!! That is way cool! Heard it was a VIP event...Congratulations! I hope Cheryl and I get a chance to attend one of their concerts sometime. Sorry about "Sandy"(Bruce may have to re-write his song). Stay safe Geralyn and Glen, love Mike & Cheryl