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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Fever - Southside Johnny & the Jukes

Oh WOW!!!!!!!  Southside fans....I found a diamond on you tube!!!!!  Sharing this with you!!!  Do you recognize the E Streeters???  Do you see it is after Popeye has left the band.  Do you see it is Kevin Kavanagh playing the keys. Is Tony one of the trumpet players??  How about La Bamba without a hat or Southiside without sunglasses......and at this point did Madame Marie predict Patty Scalfia would be married to Music Cares 2012 recipient Bruce Springsteen.  I love this because when Glen and I got married finding the right band was key for us.  Southside was out of the question.....I wanted Nick Addeo because I love the way he sang and Popeye was his drummer....they were booked.  So, the search went on.  We went out almost every night during that year to listen to bands.  We couldn't find the right one.  We went to a booking agent....went to listen to the band asked if they play our song.  When we went to dance our first song the band was playing the song but, wasn't singing it........lesson learned.  After we were married we bought a bungalow in Manasquan.  We didn't even have to cross the street after we left The Osprey known for having the World's longest bar.  I remember at the time La Bamba and the Hubcaps played there almost weekly.  We were settled into married life and didn't go out as much.  But, a Sunday afternoon with the band Salvation and now we're talking.  After about eight years I finally became pregnant (with twins) we moved away from that house. After about six months I felt we could plan a Christening and we wanted to have a party.....we were ready to celebrate.  We had a babysitter and went to a local bar.  Kevin and Joel were playing.  Glen went and got their card and asked if they played parties and the biggest question....HOW MUCH!  Well....worth every penny.  They played for the Christening at the Manasquan firehouse.  They were great.  Towards the end of the party I asked if they could play "We're having a party" and the keyboard player said....I think we know that one.......they were so good.....I asked how about " I don't want to go home".  Everyone was on their was the party we always wanted to have.  Years later they played at a backyard party for when my children turned eight.   Years go son has taken to playing the slide trombone.  He is playing in the high school band.  One summer I just can't take it any more.  Southside Johnny is playing at the Stone Pony.  I ask my son if he wants to go with me.  He says yes and when we go to the show he knows almost every word.  It ends up he has been listening to my old vinyl and some of it I had on CD.  We go up at the end and La Bamba took some time to talk to him, he got the set list, Ricky Byrd's guitar pick and was in Southside's promo video yelling "I Got the Pick".  This is so surreal for me because I am a HUGE Southside fan and my son's reaction made me so happy. The next year we went again.  It was the 30th Anniversary of Heart's of Stone Album(my favorite!!!).  Look, I say that is who played at your parties.  At the end of the concert we convince one of the stage hands to give my son the Hearts of Stone Album that Southside held up......he does and we wait to get Southside to sign it.  We yell to Kevin but, he doesn't hear us.  We get La Bamba and Southside to sign the album......a huge thrill and now a treasure to keep forever.  Years go by I open the store in Asbury Park and Jean Mikle came in looking for a gift for the auction for Light of Day.  They start looking at the  album cover "This Time It's For Real" and I thought maybe she could confirm if this is indeed the same Kevin....she confirms it but, then tells me Kevin is in a coma.  He died a few months later.  We never got to tell Kevin what it meant to have a Juke play at our parties.  This year they did induct ten members of the Asbury Park music community into a group called "Asbury Angels".  On May 18th a bench will be on the boardwalk in his honor.  I will follow up with the song they recorded at Light of Day this year to honor them.  What memories does this video stir up for you?

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