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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Original Version)

The last Saturday of January is here and I am in reflection mode.  Hoping to give into motivation mode.  It is hard when life throws you a curve ball and trying not to strike out.  Some things are accomplished through determination and perseverance.  When something comes in out of our control, it takes an extra amount of energy to get the job done.  And after awhile I lose your energy, get sick, get angry, or just plain lose the faith.  So, what do you do?  I listen to music and just reflect.  Last night I was driving home in the snow and had the above song stuck in my head.  This morning Glen was downstairs making boxes for the store and this is the song he played first.   Sometimes it is hard staying in sync for yourself......then it magnifies when you are in a relationship.  But, then something as trivial as this happens just to make me realize in the big picture we want the same thing.  It is going to be tough not having our store open for a couple of months.  It is not really the loss of income.....we both feed on our customers.  You have to realize it is not  just about the money.  It really is about our customers and the people we share Convention Hall with.  It is a HUGE loss not to be around you every day.  So, in this time of reflection I know summer is on it's way and in the mean time we will try to Shine On like a crazy diamonds(like my engagement ring diamond Bob found on the floor of Convention Hall).

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My most favourite album of all time