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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

9th Day

     The above picture is what the tree looks like at the Country Accents show in Bay Head.   The boutique will only be open until December 14th.  The postcard ones above are mine.  There are other vendors.  One vendor next to me I love and every time I go in there I end up buying one of her creations--they are ticketed with the cutest JOY tickets and they do bring me joy every time I buy one.  I hope the day comes when I just sell and stop buying. 
     I did get my decorations up last night, but pictures of them haven't happened yet.  The other day I did get to check out how my ornaments have been selling in local stores.  When I came back from Omaha I made sure they were stocked for Black Friday.  I get excited seeing my ornaments on the trees.  I have to admit  I like to hear people talk about them. too.  I didn't list too much on Etsy because most of my inventory are in the stores.  My husband did agree we should get rid of some stuff and give Ebay a try.  Wish me luck--the whole sizing the photo thing does throw me.  I should take some computer classes while I have the time.

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