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Saturday, December 13, 2008

The thirteenth day of Christmas

OK--I said that the Nativity set was my favorite decoration.  This one is my favorite, too.  It is a lifesize snowman.  I had it on our porch, but with this weather it kept blowing down.   I remember one Christmas telling my daughter I liked this decoration.  She must have told Santa because that Christmas it was next to our Christmas tree.  I love when Santa listens to my wishes.  The sugar houses I started collecting last year.  I didn't realize how many I found this year, but I have a pretty good collection already.  Some are vintage and my best buy was a small vintage one for $3.00.  The tree was an engagement gift which after being married for 26 years I guess I could call it vintage.  Two different people made me trees for an engagement gift.  They mean the world to me, I know how much time goes into making something like that and when I put it out each Christmas I think of them.
     I don't have any pictures of a Christmas tree, because of traveling we decided not to put one up.  I do miss our long decision when we go out for the search for the perfect tree,  I miss the smell,  I miss plugging it in every night.  It is definitely worth it, though.  This trip is a dream come true.  I have to go work on Christmas cards.  


Wendy said...

Hi Geralyn,
I just came across your blog after following the Junkk Drawer's "Holiday House Party" link. My name is Wendy and I live in Arlington, Washington. I recognized your name from a cookbook, "The Ladies Auxiliary of Manasquan Volunteer Engine Company #2. If that isn't strange enough, the cookbook was given to me many years ago by my close friend, Lynn Gray. (Also of Arlington) Bonnie Gray Lynch is also in the cookbook. Now you have to be the very same Geralyn Gray. Right? I decided to email you right away even though it's really late there. It's too late here to call Lynn! Small world, huh? ? ?


Geralyn Gray said...

Wendy -- I sent an email to you. Please comment me to let me know you received it or not.