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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why is the snowman smiling in the last post?

     I told Kaylyn and Ian yesterday if they didn't pose for a picture I would send this one out and they said OK----Wish me luck getting a picture today.
    Yesterday Mrs Snowman was smiling because her husband made scalloped potatoes for dinner...mmmmm.  Today she is smiling because she read that comment from Wendy which made her day.  Yes, I am the same Geralyn Gray.  Believe it or not there is someone by the same name in my doctor's office.  They have gotten our files mixed up a couple of times.  I hope Wendy we keep in touch and my family out in Seattle can share in our lives through this blog world.  The blog world  is remarkable!!!!!
     Today we are off to Ocean Grove a local historical town.  It will be nice to share the day with my children and husband.  I hope this happens because my husband and son just ran out the door for a fire call.  Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday.

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