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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Paper Sourcererrrrrrs

Denise is a co-worker at Paper Source.  She is hugely talented and I wish I had a link to her ebay so you can see the beautiful felt corsages she makes.  She also made this hat and I am so glad I was able to share Halloween with her.  We shared many laughs today......RibbOn.....sorry inside joke.
Ashley started the day with this lovely homemade baked brownie----they were so  tasty and full of chocolate goodness.  Thanks Ashley you made my day!!!!!!
Kristen made my day too.  Always fun and she the cutest flapper or what???
And here we are the Paper there such a thing as having too much fun at work?  Christina was there, too and we shared many laughs.  She was supposed to be a cat......I couldn't find a costume this morning and all I could find were cat ears.  I knew Christina was going to be a cat so that wouldn't work......thinking......thinking.......I thought I could wear the ears and when she asked what I was I would say I was a copy!!!!  I went out and bought a robe and realized halfway through the day we were Paper Sourcererrrrs....too funny.  I hope you all had an Happy Halloween.  This was a little different for me this year---but, my husband Glen survived answering the door for over 100 trick or treaters this year (that's what you get for always giving out the BIG candy bars!!!!!


Jodie LeJeune said...

How fun Geralyn!!!! have the BEST job and the BEST co-workers!
I love the "Paper Sourcererrrrs"...I have never thought of that! Too clever...although I loved the "copy cat" too.
You are just too hilarious~
everything vintage

Frippery said...

How cute!!! What a fun job.

Celestial Charms said...

What fun! Such a friendly bunch! What will you all be doing for Christmas at the store to top that?

Anonymous said...

<3 Halloween


Christina said...

Ribb-ON!!! Awesome, Geralyn!