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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

It is GOOD to be busy. Tomorrow I think I will have the first full day off in a long time! I have a list a mile long........not, complaining.........We really have the best of both worlds here. But, we are making sure Glen and I each have a full day off this week. The kids have been helping. Glen has been able to sit on the beach with a book and end the day at the beach bar.......and sighs....this is like a vacation!!!! I have had some time here and there......but, it seems like there is something we need for the my time is spent running around. The kids are both lucky to be able to hold onto their jobs for the summer. Kaylyn has had this job since September and I just realized how funny it is that they ended up working across the street from each other. We have to start setting goals for home life so we get some things accomplished there.........I came to a realization we can't even have a dinner at home with the four of us because one of us is at the store. But, this is just for the will be over before we know it. The hours are much easier in the is good to be open while the summer crowds are here.

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zandra said...

So glad things are better at your new location. Sounds like you guys are really enjoy it. ;o)
Hugz, Z