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Friday, October 5, 2012

Rascals Reunited....Once Upon A Dream!

I have been paying a lot of attention to the Art of record album covers.  I pull certain ones aside.  A couple of weeks ago I pulled this one aside.  It is from the Young Rascals who became the Rascals.  They were a very talented group who wrote and performed their own music.  They were right up there with the Beatles.....but, they were from Jersey and New York.  They broke up in 1972.  This picture along with others were designed by them for their record covers.  They had a style....they represented the good part of the 60's.  Their songs were uplifting and positive.  Groovin.....Good Lovin....It's a Beautiful Morning......I Believe.....Ray of Hope.......People Got to Be Free......This picture had a different meaning to me a couple of weeks ago.  Now......the heavens are singing in all it's Glory.....the horns are playing and yes.....yes.....yes the Rascals have reunited.  You can be part of it too!  Steve Van  Zandt (guitar player for Bruce Springsteen) has orchestrated the whole thing.  I was able to get in the early bird on Kick Starter and I am over the top excited.  Please follow this link to learn all about it!

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